vodooman (vodooman) wrote,

Back this time? - Maybe

Was I dead to the world? Well... to the internet world I was...
The reason behind this? People, I got married... yes, I am a married woman now...

So, let me try this again. Hi, people... I know I have been missing from the net for a loooong time... Some people probably wondered what happened to me... some people might just wonder who 'vodooman' is and why the name appears on their friends list... Well... I got married some months ago... It's more or less the reason for my break from LJ and all internet thingies...
Then about a week ago when I wanted to write something into my LJ page I got hit by a very mean virus... (the story will be told seperately...lol) and then after that I was really scarred to use the itnernet again... well people it took some time, but I am finally back, and I hope to be able to pick up where I left things with my LJ site, as well as my fanfics...

kiss, smootch

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