vodooman (vodooman) wrote,

The story of how I got hit by a nasty virus...

So, about a week ago I decided that I was going to start doing some fanart, fanfics and post something on my LJ site... as a comeback... kind of.
Anyway. I open my computer like always, I go and type in 'fanfiction.net' and I get to the site... like always. Some Ad pops up, I close it... everything normal.
AND THEN SUDDENLY ... the screen turned black, a white page opens and I read in big bold letters 'This is the 'Bundespolizei' (=cops) of Germany. You have accesssed pornographic material, terrorist activity has been found on your computer...' lets just say the message went pn like that... and the more I read, the paler I got... the more my heart rate seemed to speed up... I was about to pass out!
Anyway... first things first, I paniced... I was about to cry... I think I really did hyperventilate... and then I was ready to either pay money (one of the police demands) and later I decided to go to the police and tell them that I was going to turn myself in...
anyway. I phoned a friend.. a german friend. And I told her what happened. She said that it was a virus, a common one ATM... and that I shouldnt pay... She gave me the number of a friend... who was supposed to help me with my computer problem and said again that the police of germany wouldnt do what happened to my computer... (and that german police isn't called bundespolizei)

to shorten the story... I woke up a woman in the middle of the night... she helped with my virus problem... and I shut my computer off....

people... imagine my scare...
my computer was not booted up for the next four days... I actually had sweaty palms the first time I opened it again....

I guess the story is only half as interesting now that I actually wrote it up...
but the main message I want to give people is following.
Update your virus scan... and always be protected... (I sound weird...)

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