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A scene after the shooting; SPN/Roswell, Dean/Maria, pg-13 
17th-May-2009 08:13 pm

A scene after the shooting

Fandom: Roswell, Supernatural
Author: vodooman
Rating: pg-13
Genre: crossover, hurt, comfort
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Maria, Maria, Michael, Isabel
Short summary: But Maria shook her head; she stared to chuckle, adding a hysterical quality to it. “No, no you're not! You're just relieved that it didn't happen to you!” Then she turned around.
Any warnings: mention of character death
Disclaimer: Roswell and Supernatural and its characters are not mine. I only write fanfiction!
A/N: Another Dean/Maria fic… because the pairing deserves more then one one-shot… and this was also done for the fic_variation … my prompt was pain! Hope you enjoy the reading and please do comment on it!


“Shut up!” she screeched, her hysterics making her louder and louder. “Stop asking me how I am; stop telling me that I'll be fine!” She screamed louder. She was turning around now, a crowed had already gathered around her. She was unwillingly now the centre of attraction, even though she wanted the opposite. A boy she knew from class, a class her had had with Liz just two days ago, looked at her with what she interpreted as pity. “Stop looking at me like that!” she shouted and pushed at him, making him loose his balance.


The boy swallowed and said “I'm sorry...”


But Maria shook her head; she stared to chuckle, adding a hysterical quality to it. “No, no you're not! You're just relieved that it didn't happen to you!” Then she turned around.


The school halls were now packed with students that were rushing out to see what the commotion was about. Maria, a sudden anger gripping at her, released a startled cry when she turned and found even more students behind her, now started to kick against those around her.


She was just about to kick another bystander when all of a sudden strong arms held her back. She heard her name, but was already too far gone in her anger and pain to realise that someone was talking to her. She started to scream, cry and shout. Her breath was irregular; her whole body shook with tears and frustration.


“Shhhh Maria, I'm here...” soothed the voice of a boy. She turned her head, finally acknowledging the person restraining her.


“Dean??!” was Maria's hesitant and startled response to his sad smile. Was she imagining things now? Had Liz' death, had the shooting now traumatized her into thinking that the only person she needed comforting from was standing now in front of her?


His hold tightened on her tiny frame. “Yeah, sugar... I'm here now...” said he, placing a soft kiss on her head when she stopped to struggle against him.


“Liz...” she started to sob again, couldn't finish saying what she wanted. “Liz... she...” Another sob shook her body.


“I know... You're mom called me... She told me what happened... My dad drove us here as soon as we could...” Dean looked around at the gathered crowed and then whispered into her ear. “Is there a place I can take you to, that doesn't have that many spectators?”


“Home...” she mumbled while burrowing her  face into his chest, making him tighten his hug-like hold over her even more, his need to protect her growing. “I want to go home, Dean... I can't stay here...”


“Sure, come on...” said he, and then released his hold over her, only to take her hand in his, and lead her into the direction he just came from.


One by one, the gathered crowd started to scatter back into the rooms, all were gone except one. The boy Maria had at first unleashed her anger at, stood there, a deep frown and concern on his face.


“Michael?” came a voice from behind him. He turned and saw his childhood friend Isabel stand behind him.


“Class is starting Michael. We shouldn't be out here anymore...”


He nodded absent minded, then looked around and said “Where is Max?”


Isabel looked concerned for him and replied “At home, remember? He was too depressed to go to school. Probably because of what happened to his ooohhh-not-so-secret-crush on Liz Parker. Good thing that he stayed at home or he might have had that loony chick go off on him... Are you all right Michael?” she asked when he hadn't said anything back to her.


He shook his head. “Yeah... yeah, I think I am...” then after a moment, in which he gathered himself he turned into the direction of the next class “Let's go to class Izzy... back to the way things should have been...”


Isabel stood there, hesitantly, before she followed him. She didn't quite understand what was wrong with him, but she knew that he was acting very strange, had been for some days now. And she couldn't help but think that he wasn't talking about class now, like there was more meaning behind his talk just now.



18th-May-2009 01:00 am (UTC)
Dean to the rescue! Adorable!
18th-May-2009 06:06 am (UTC)
lol, thanx... I think he is sweet...
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